Green Roofs: A Growing Trend for Commercial Buildings

As climate change across the globe becomes more prevalent, natural resources dwindle. With this, more people are becoming geared toward reducing the negative impact on their surroundings.

Due to the rising carbon emissions worldwide, it only makes sense that businesses are searching for ways to decrease their carbon footprint.

Among the most exciting ways businesses can decrease their carbon footprint is to make an eco-friendly space on a commercial roofing system. Let’s see how green roofs can benefit corporations and our surroundings.

Advantages of Green Roofs for Businesses

If the environmental effect of urbanization isn’t enough to make green roofs the standard roofing system, they also have economic and social benefits.  

A Decrease in Energy Consumption

Commercial green roofs can decrease your company’s energy use. Environmentally-friendly roofs such as green roof systems for commercial structures help reduce heat. And they do this through evapotranspiration, the mix of surface evaporation and plant transpiration.

Studies showcase that green roofs can decrease your cooling expenses by 50% during the summer, and in the winter, your structure will keep 15% to 30% more heat than if you had a traditional roof. 

On a hot day, black roofs can reach 180°F, white roofs 120°F, and green roofs at 85°F. Hiring professional roofers can help you decide which would work best for you.

They Stop Leaks

In all structures, waterproof membranes must be checked and maintained well, ensuring no leaks.

Water leaks can lead to significant building issues, like mold and structural damage. Aside from that, leaks may also cause electrical problems, which can become dangerous fire hazards.

Green roofs protect a structure’s waterproof membrane by protecting it from dangerous UV rays and fluctuating temperature changes. At most, green roofs will prolong your building’s waterproof membrane.

Efficient Water Storage

We usually take water for granted, one of our most significant natural resources. Green roofs can help reduce the energy needed to process water by decreasing the runoff accumulated in stormwater drains.

Moreover, they make an autonomous water collection system, allowing your green roof to collect rainwater during the rainy seasons. And once accumulated, they can also redistribute and purify the rainwater. 

Aside from that, the natural drainage from green roofs also saves you cash on drain installation, maintenance, and inspection.

Boost Property Value

An existing green roof can boost property value due to the ever-changing attitudes of people and government. Because of this, businesses are pressured to adapt to more eco-friendly modes of energy consumption. 

Aside from that, green roofs can also help generate ample income by acting as leisure spots. 

The Bottom Line 

The rising hype around green roofs isn’t going to lose steam soon. After all, they offer many benefits for commercial structures spreading across big cities such as Danbury, CT.

If you want to install a green roof on your property, never hesitate to hire a roofing company. Roofing Contractor of Danbury can assist you throughout the process with services like checking your roof to see if it can accommodate a green roof.

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